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#ChinaChange is Coming Monday, News from Obama and China on Climate

|Includes: A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. (APWR), GE

well, I am like the kid counting down the hours till Christmas morning as Obama travels to China and my biz plan unfolds in reality of wind based investment.

yes, my blog is about wind energy but as you can see, my main focus is (NASDAQ:APWR) and the China wind market.   Going with the flow of China spending more on wind power has brought me to the conclusions that APWR  is going to be a growth engine for many years to come and the growth and spreadsheets are limited by nothing but the APWR executing its plan and gaining market share building reliable wind turbines.

APWR wind revenues could be close to 400 million in the worse case scenario for 2010 and could approach over 700 million if everything falls into place.  IF APWR actually got their act together and ran the wind plant at close to 90% capacity , APWR could easily see north of one billion in revenues for a company that only is going to do 320 million for 2009.

The growth projectile known as the next ""First Solar of China''' could surprise alot of folks over the next few years.  Sure, APWR is volatile but what growth stock is not volatile ??  My price target is $2 earnings 2010 and with P/e of 19, that is $38 conservatively for end of 2010.

PS my spreadsheets have 91 million 3Q and 140 Million 4Q!
Wharton supposed trained analysts have 3Q 112 million and 4Q of 116 Million

Betting my estimates will be + or - 5 million

Disclosure Author is LONG on APWR