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APWR Going to Raise Guidance for 2009 3rd Quarter Conference Call

|Includes: A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. (APWR)

been doing some numbers crunching and my estimate is (NASDAQ:APWR) raises guidance from 320 million to 350 million to include some 2009 wind revenues going to be booked and shipped in 4th quarter for 2009.

Current management guidance is 320 million for year of 2009.  Wharton analysts have 112 million for 3Q and 116 Million for 4Q.

My estimates are 91 million for 3Q and currently 140 million for 4th quarter 2009.  guessing I am going to have to RAISE my guidance for 4th Quarter and might raise my estimate from 91 million due to quarter might actually have more DPG Biomass revenue than I previously estimated.

from the Confernce call 2nd Q.........

Okay. So for the production schedule for this year 2009 for 2.7MW 30 units and 1.5MW 10 units, for 750KW 30 units and for these members we feel very confident because other components we already thought successfully and for next year consult a supplying of the components problem, we are partnering with GE and also with German company in Germany. This is to solve this components supply problem for gear box and other key components. I believe that for next year and even the year after that next year, just to say that the total quantity of product will be raised to vary large extent and say before the components are being just to say fulfilled and with sure figures, we cannot disclose to you the specific figures now. I can tell you that this quantity of products for next year and even the year up to next year could be very high and even as satisfactory as investors may imagine.

Also just to say the components for next year and most of the components can be made in China and say above 80% of the components for complete site of wind turbine should be made in China.

We have taken various kinds of measures, just recently to achieve the goal of made in China for the components for us to lower down the cost as quickly as just what we can do. Also just upgrade our competitiveness. Thank you

Author is LONG APWR