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Earnings Dec 3rd on APWR

|Includes: A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. (APWR), GE

Tomorrow is a day that will make me or break me for a week or a month.  Why do I say this ???  Well, some of u have NO idea of my position and to say overweighted LONG would be quite the understatement.  I follow (OTC:APWR) more than anyone out there and my 2009 target price was $19 which was .30 cents away last Friday at $18.70.   In 3 days time, the big boys have come in , planted some doubt and fear (see Motley Fool and articles of total fear and stupidity) and the big boys scooped up another 5 million shares of the 21.5 million outstanding.   The Sr MGT of APWR holds 14 million shares and is NOT selling for love nor money!

What makes it almost comical reading and analyzing investors sentiments is the FEAR and WORRIES of investing into a Chinese company partnered with several large USA companies.   Do U honestly think (NYSE:GE) would have partnered for the largest gear box factory in world with APWR for all of GE Asia if GE did not feel APWR was worthy of the partnership????

Does one think USREG and Cielo would partner for a 1.5 billion Texas Wind Farm if they did NOT feel APWR was worthy of partnering and could provide the wind turbines and more importantly, the FINANCING???

With Cielo having a 4000MW backlog of wind development backlog, why do u think APWR and USREG are going to build a USA WIND TURBINE manufacturing 1100MW plant inside the USA ????

Some folks looking for LONG TERM INVESTING (I mean 3 years from now) need to get into APWR before  APWR lifts off tomorrow when plans and details of past MOU's are turned into revenues during 2010!


Disclosure: LONG APWR