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Initial 2010 Estimates for APWR 574 Million in Revenues

|Includes: AMSC, A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. (APWR), GE

My initial estimates for (NASDAQ:APWR) have gone up on the blog as I look forward to a record year for APWR and a very nice return on investment.  Net income for 2010 will be initial 57 million from 32 million end of 2009.  APWR revenues will go from 320 million to 574 million as DPG ramps and wind revenues continue to climb throughout 2010.  Now , some might say , U are only giving APWR wind side around a 100 million and I would agree, this is what makes this ''''initial''' estimate a total joke.

APWR management on the conf call said 100 units out the door without the Texas 1.5 billion wind farm in 2010.  Given an average of 2mw combining the 2.7mw, 1.5mw , U can guesstimate 200MW's out the door around 2 million per megawatt giving U 400 Million for wind side in 2010.

Again, the ""REAL"" number for APWR will be around 874 million but we must be conservative and play along with the Wall Street analysts that pulled this 574 out of their behinds.   I am guessing we do 320 million run rate blindfolded on DPG with one hand tied behind their backs (MY ACTUAL ESTIMATE is 480 Million DPG) and 400 million in WIND giving you a conservative 720 Million for the year basically doing nothing well and signing basically nothing NEW.

So, all in all, APWR is going to do 720 Million easily for 2010 from 320 million 2009.  Oppenheimmer and Raymond James, U can weigh in anytime U like!!


Disclosure: Author is LONG APWR