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Simple Math for Simple Wind Power Investing

|Includes: AMSC, A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. (APWR), GE

one does not need calculus to figure earnings per share when it comes to (NASDAQ:APWR) since APWR has always made a profit every single quarter and basically prints profits into the future.

APWR is a DPG model with a huge wind power kicker to boot and a solar side ramping in 2011 and a (NYSE:GE) Gearbox partnership ramping in 2011 also.

till then, a $17,800 investment into APWR returns $38,000 end of 2010.  The price rises to $58,000 by end of 2011.

Six months ago, a 1000 shares cost $5, so the $5000 is now worth $17,800.  APWR is the profit printing arm of the Chinese government into green , clean energy .   The future of APWR is right now is NINE straight quarterly earnings increases Q over Q.  Buy as much APWR as one can stomach and lock the shares away for five years to see if U own the next First Solar of China!

My Blog has studied (APWR) for the past 18 months, U will not find any better source of info anywhere on APWR

and , YES, the AUTHOR is VERY LONG on APWR!

Disclosure: LONG on APWR