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China Curbing Coal and Expanding Wind Power

|Includes: American Superconductor Corporation (AMSC), APWR, GE, KDN, WGOV

Does anyone ""INVEST""" anymore ????  China wind is the 20 year Warren Buffett investment and once folks figure out Warren bought the railroads for """RIGHT OF WAYS""' for Wind Power transmission lines for Mid American Energy, the winds of change will begin............. (NASDAQ:APWR) is the up and coming rocket for CHINA

China Wind Investment 2050Author: skibare Edit

16 Dec

Why am I so high on APWR and the future of wind power from China????? The following article puts it in plain print, China is going to curb coal and expand WIND!

China wind power) will pass over Spain and Germany and approach the United States, China express a “Shan Xia Wind Power” grand plan.

??Domestic wind energy has become the largest hydro-energy outside of zero emissions, renewable energy resources. The latest data indicate that by 2009 the total installed capacity of wind power generation in China could more than 26 million kW, has doubled since last year, and the fourth possible steps into the second. This is the energy experts yesterday in a comprehensive look at renewable energy “ ” climate change report media study class on the.

??At present, China is still a major force for energy in the form of coal and energy role up to 70%, 8% of greenhouse gas emissions. But according to conitibution, to 2050 years, coal energy much cut in half, the proportion of renewable energy is booming, almost 30%, it became the mainstream of energy. In the six forms of renewable energy: hydro-energy, wind energy, solar energy, biomass energy, tidal, geothermal energy, the non-water-the fastest growing renewable energy, wind energy in particular.

??Statistics show that
The third consecutive year that China has become the world’s most active wind power market. In 2008, the installed capacity of wind power of the national new 6.3 million kW, with total reached 1220 million kW, beyond India, second only to the United States, Germany, Spain. This year, with a total capacity is expected to be $ 2630 million kW, with 215â% growth, leadership in Germany, Spain and the United States last year million kW of an acceptable standard. Shanghai Institute of mechanical and power engineering professor Yu Yue-feng said, next year China wind power installed capacity will continue to maintain high growth may tie even overtaking the United States.

??China express a “Shan Xia Wind Power” grand plan; construction of six major 10 million kilowatt wind power base, including izumisake, Gansu province, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia in the East, mongonlia, Hebei province in the North and in Jiangsu Province, the largest one is the base of the installed capacity of up to 20 million kW. In addition, a group of guangxiin million kilowatt wind power base. It is learnt that when connecting Shanghai native and the Yangshan Islands in the eastern side of the East China Sea Bridge, a large offshore wind farm is pressing ahead with the construction of the ?earlier from 30 more than 3000 kW level wind turbines, about one-quarter has been completed. The coast in Shanghai, also distribution of a number of small wind farm.

Author is LONG APWR

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