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New China Law Requires Purchasing of Renewable Energy

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the ole saying ''''Build it and they will come''' is going to come true to anyone in the solar or Wind side of China renewable energy.  Any company involved in building renewable energy in China is going to benefit across the board!!

IF U build renewable power in China, the Electricity company MUST purchase!  (NASDAQ:APWR) which builds Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Biomass and Hydropower is sure to benefit over time from this new China law!

BEIJING (AFP) – China's national assembly Saturday signalled the country's commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by adopting a law supporting its renewable energy industry.
The new law, an amendment to one on renewable energy adopted by the National People's Congress standing committee, obliges electricity grid companies to buy all the power produced by renewable sources.
It also empowers the State Council's energy department, the electricity regulatory agency and its finance departments to determine the amount of renewable energy available in the country's overall power generating capacity.
Power companies will be obliged to take up all of that capacity, and those refusing to do so will be fined an amount up to double that of the economic loss of the renewable energy company, Ni Yuefeng, vice-president of the assembly's environmental affairs commission, told reporters.
The law was adopted after China was criticised for obstructing the adoption of a treaty on climate change during last week's international summit in Copenhagen.
The new law in fact showed China's commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, Ni said.
"The new law will help China reduce its emission of greenhouse gases in a voluntary manner," Ni told a briefing.

Author is Long APWR

Disclosure: Author is Long APWR