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APWR 1100 MW Wind Turbine Factory in Nevada Imminent

|Includes: A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. (APWR)

(NASDAQ:APWR) will be announcing an 1100 MW Wind Turbine factory to be built inside Nevada along with USREG for producing Chinese wind turbines inside USA.   This will be the first foreign Chinese Wind Turbine plant outside of China and will be a milestone for APWR to gain traction on Wall Street.   I am guessing 99.99% of all Wall street has no clue of who or what APWR does or is about...........with the Nevada wind turbine plant, all this will change and APWR is set to explode as wind in China and USA ramps and APWR wins more and more China and USA Wind Farms for the future.

Not only will APWR build wind turbines, APWR will actually own wind farms in China and the USA.   The first USA Wind farm has already been announced for Texas for 600 MW's where APWR will be part owner 20% for the future of dividend paying independent power producing China and USA wind farms.   The Nevada plant will produce about 2 billion in revenues during 2012 when fully open and operational.

Author is LONG APWR

Disclosure: Author is Long APWR