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APWR and SPG Prepare ''Aircraft Carrier'' of Attack on Green China Power

|Includes: AMSC, A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. (APWR), CREE, KDN, WGOV

guessing 99.99% of all investors have ZERO clue of who '''Shenyang Power Group''' truly U will see later this year, if U had Shenyang Power Group on your radar screens, U would have made large amounts of money with information about WHO (OTC:APWR) and Shenyang Power Group truly are............and APWR will take Shenyang Power Group public before 2010 is over and booked!

“Shenyang Power Group” is a large alliance enterprise with Liaoning Hi-tech Energy Group, Northern Heavy Industries Group Co., Ltd, Shenyang Blower Works Group Co., Ltd, Liaoning Construction and Installation Group Co., Ltd, and Liaoning International Construction and Engineering Group Co., Ltd. as the initiators. With various types of ownership including state-owned, private, and joint ventures for different members in the alliance, all members closely joined in this big alliance as an innovation under new circumstances and meanwhile in possession of the advantage of integrating multiple superior resources.

  It is a need by the market to establish Shenyang Power Group. With rapid economic development and fierce competition, this world no longer needs any single entity but “large-size aircraft carrier”. In China, “Shanghai Electrical Group”, “Oriental Power Group”, “Harbin Power Group” have already developed to a certain scale. In the field of power energy, Shenyang City has many excellent enterprises with their products enjoying good reputation in the world. These enterprises have played important parts in national infrastructure construction and market economy development, and they are also important roles in world economy system. So in Shenyang City we establish our own “Shenyang Power Group” to integrate superior resources to develop bigger market.

  It is also a need by each member themselves to establish Shenyang Power. The group integrates various kinds of advantage resources from both the local enterprises and ones in other cities, which cover a complete series of services and aspects such as products research and development, project design, equipment manufacturing, project engineering and technical services. Based on these resources and complete service lines, Shenyang Power is positioned as a large-size international enterprise to provide comprehensive high-quality services with high-level design, complete sets of equipments procurement, EPC contracting to its customers in the field of power and energy. The establishment the group here in Shenyang city, very significant industrial manufacturing base in China, can integrate many local powerful enterprises as one strong fist through advantages complements and improve its competitive edge in tendering for projects inside and outside China to undertake more large-sized projects on turn-key basis. Meanwhile the branding effects of Shenyang Power will be gradually coming into appearance.

  Organize Shenyang Power Group and realize the new improvement on the energy power and power equipment manufacturing; focuses on the development of three main power equipments to be made in Shenyang, "large-size boiler, large-size turbine generator, large-size power generating set " and realize the high start point and large scale of the equipment manufacturing industry and prepare the manufacturing of large-capacity power equipments--above one million KW for single unit capacity which can achieve the world calss level.

Author is LONG (OTC:APWR)