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APWR Stock Price Beaten With a Baseball Bat Past 5 Days

|Includes: GE

for high beta stocks, riding out the ups and downs can be most frustrating and most annoying when you look at the valuation down the road and the coming quarters of '''RECORD EARNINGS'''.   If anyone takes valuation going forward, (OTC:APWR) is set for explosive price gains into 2010 and beyond.  The future earnings are $3 per share in 2011 from wind and DPG and other joint ventures like the (NYSE:GE) Gearbox Factory in China.

Future press releases are going to make APWR move big time into the future but where is the day to day bottoms for those  longs to add more??? This connundrum makes investing challenging and rewarding when you are right in your calls.  The beating of APWR from $20 to $16.70 in five days is almost as crazy as the rise from $14 to $21 in two weeks.  Owning APWR is not for the faint of heart nor next months mortgage payment but the long term rewards like 350% for 2009 returns makes APWR a player in the top echelon of all green energy players and China.

Author is LONG APWR and taking a five day beating with a baseball bat!