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Why Did APWR Raise So Much Cash in Private Placement

|Includes: A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. (APWR)

Lots and lots of questions by me this week ((questioning my sanity of HOLDING every share of APWR as it dropped) and most importantly, wondering why APWR management had to raise so much cash so quickly through the 5.8 million private placement done at $14.37.

IF the private placement groups that gave APWR management 83 million in cash beleive the stock is worth more than $14.37, why did the overall market drop the price all the way to $12 ???

APWR management hopefully has some press releases up their sleeves for what they will do with all that cash they have on hand now.   APWR had 90 million cash before the private placement, will earn 10 million plus this quarter and now with 83 million more, what surprises does APWR have for its shareholders to get the stock to stop falling???  Time and patience will tell 20/20 whats the next move for APWR.

I am hoping for a very large CHINA GOVERNMENT Wind Power contract myself!

Author is STILL LONG (bloody and beaten but hopeful) APWR