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APWR Reminds Me of Lady GaGa and Taylor Swift

|Includes: AMSC, A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. (APWR), BOOM, TRN, WGOV

When was the first time you ever heard about Lady Gaga ???  When was the first time you ever heard Taylor Swift strum a guitar and sing her songs ???    APWR is just like Lady GaGa and Taylor Swift, once you hear the story, you are forever cursed to follow the up and coming China green energy star and for winning a grammy in 2011 for the expanded wind factory in Shenyang , only time will tell.

When the rest of the world finds out what I already know about APWR, the world will come running just like Taylor Swift and Lady GaGa fans.  Its all about figuring out the next ''star''' of green energy and APWR is the diversified low cost green energy player for China.   Strange analogy ?? Not really, my wife use to talk about this strange lady Gaga and I did not listen, will this be the same for you and APWR ???

Author is LONG APWR

Disclosure: Author is LONG APWR