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If Nevada Wind Turbine Plant, Then Texas Wind Farm

|Includes: AMSC, A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. (APWR), BWEN, GE, WGOV, ZOLT

Do people really think (OTC:APWR) is going to build the Nevada wind turbine factory cause they like the idea of hugging polar bear cubs on the frozen arctic tundra???  Nope, APWR is playing American politics and is coming up with the solution to the anti Chinese stupidity exhibited by Senator Shumer and his '''Buy American'' clause for Wind Power .   With the American wind turbine model, where only (NYSE:GE) is the only top wind turbine maker inside USA that is not a foreign company (29 of the worlds 30 largest are foreign outside the USA) and alot of foreign companies now have American plants employing tens of thousands building wind turbines in the USA, shutting off stimulus money is the quickest way in the world to kill the American wind turbine model.

Wind Turbines are like cars, we have Honda and Toyota and Hyandai all building USA cars here in USA even though they flagged as a foreign company, and employing 10'[s of thousands of workers inside the USA.

Wind is no different, we in the USA do NOT have Wind Turbine manufacturers and we have the car model inside the USA where alot are building wind turbines but their paychecks at the end of the week says ""Vestas, Gamesa, Endesa, Iberdrola''' or other foreign flagged Wind Turbine companies.

Senator Shumer, its time to come clean and admit you took a poorly written biased article from American University and tried to bang the ''Buy American'' drums for your re election chatter for November.  Also, notice how Harry Reid of Nevada actually BRINGS JOBS for wind to Nevada vs your attempt at torpedoing the entire Wind Power Industry inside the USA.   Buy American dont work for cars an it surely is NOT going to work for Wind Turbines!

Author is LONG on APWR

Disclosure: Long APWR