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Jim Cramer Pans APWR

|Includes: A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. (APWR), GE

of course Jim Cramer never likes anything Chinese and he did 31% last year. did 206% for 2009 and is down 31% so far in 2010.   But , given APWR stock price dropped from $21 to $11.60, well, the timing could never be better for YOU to invest into APWR for the future of China and USA Green Energy.

I could write books on the diversified APWR and why to own but given my website has all content, well, U might have to do some reading.

Basically, in a nut shell, (NASDAQ:APWR) is going to announce RECORD EARNINGS and RECORD GUIDANCE on Wednesday March 31st.

Why U say is the stock price down so much ??  Main problem is APWR gets an F- in TRANSPARENCY .   The investing public has ZERO knowledge of what APWR is doing or is going to do into the future.

GUIDANCE will tell all and very soon.    And, Yes, I am talking MY OWN BOOK and everything is in MY HUMBLE OPINION but I do more research on APWR than anyone in the world and my blog and business model proves my point.

Earnings are going to be around 32 million NET INCOME and 320 Million Revenues.  Guidance is going to be around 500+ Million looking forward into 2010.

The  (NYSE:GE) Gearbox Factory, the largest in the world making GEARBOXES for wind turbines kicks in August 2010 and will add revenues and profits over the coming years.   This is the time, this is the company, and this is a ONE MONTH LOW U can take advantage of for future gains.

PS APWR always (for last 4 quarters ) announces contract WINS on earnings date.

Author is very long APWR

Disclosure: Author LONG APWR