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APWR Trying to be the GE of China Before its Over

|Includes: General Electric (GE)

APWR could become the smaller version of the GE Power division in China given the recent announcements of signing up big name China companies to provide power to China and southeast Asia by forming the Shenyang Power Alliance.   This Chinese communist government financed company is a consortium of large China players that employ thousands and this alliance will provide power and jobs to China using the communist stimulus package of 460 BILLION.   The USA stimulus for energy was 42 billion so the 460 billion China is spending on green energy just flat out dwarfs USA in green power and green job spending.

GE has already signed up APWR in a joint venture to produce gearboxes for all of China and southeast Asia in wind power.  APWR is on the verge of rolling out their first shipped wind turbines and will supply southeast Asia and especially the China mainland with 2.7MW European partnered wind turbines.   Capacity of the new plant is 1100 MW's and an expansion could be done on the present plant if demand increases.  Also, a second plant is on the drawing boards for inner Mongolia for production of wind turbines. 

My research leads me to predict that APWR will partner with GE on installing the GE built natural gas units in smaller DPG size units for the Chinese government so the GE of China may become APWR before the fat lady sings.   The time to get on board this up and coming profit printing Chinese wind turbine company is immediate, the price of APWR a year ago was $32 without all the new biomass contracts signed lately.  Growth and profits is almost guaranteed and financed by the Chinese communist government into wind power and biomass DPG plants.

My price target for end of 2009 is now $19 based on 15 times forward PE.