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Price of Clarity Comes to APWR on Tuesday in Vegas

|Includes: AMSC, A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. (APWR), BWEN, KDN, WGOV

What happens in Vegas better not stay in Vegas as (NASDAQ:APWR) is about to unveil the 1.5 billion Texas 600MW Wind Farm for Pecos, Upton, and Crockett County, Texas.   APWR will be doing a horse and pony show in Vegas as Las Vegas is going to win a 1000 employee wind turbine plant which will help produce the wind turbines for Texas.

How much price will the announcement add to APWR in the stock price with the Tuesday announcement ??? IMHO, it all depends on what they announce.  Given they are flying execs from China, I am betting and predicting a ""FINANCING"" megabomb PR that will send the stock soaring.

In my book of APWR Dreaming, this is a NO BRAINER to pick up a few points on doing nothing in the history book of APWR stock price!

Author is long APWR