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Is Tesla Going to Bring Green Money to Wall Street

|Includes: AMSC, APWR, Tesla, Inc. (TSLA), VWDRY

well, the (NASDAQ:TSLA) is out and rocking north and almost hotter than a dice thrower rolling nothing but 7's on the Crap Tables in Vegas..........what happens when the music stops and everyone says, ""HEY, what did I just buy""???

Boulder , Colorado has a Tesla dealership and all the rich,green yuppies of Boulder scoot around in their sporty Tesla ((and it does haul A$$ and rocks U around Boulder)  but what then is the NEXT MOVE for Tesla ??   Burning through money faster than (NYSE:BP) can print lovely PR's of the Oil Spill, Tesla is on a collision course with Wall Street and the musical chairs of investing.  What sounds like a great green idea all of a sudden turns into RED and losing positions and then what???    Toyota could prove to be a partner but I dont see the way Toyota nor Tesla can ''partner'' and save face???????

All in ALL, if the Boulder Yuppies would buy PROFITABLE WIND STOCKS like Vestas , who has FOUR WIND PLANTs in Colorado, and (NASDAQ:AMSC) and (NASDAQ:APWR), your GREEN DOLLARS would multiply over time and scale and growth will come to Wind Power, see the Vestas 250MW Wind Farm 80 miles from Denver!

Renewable Energy Systems Americas Inc. has sold a wind farm project 80 miles east of Denver for $500 million — the Broomfield-based company's biggest deal.

Enbridge Inc., Canada's largest pipeline company, is the buyer.

The purchase is a "beach head for future investments into the growing U.S. green energy market," said Al Monaco, Enbridge executive vice president for major projects and green energy.

In March, RES Americas won a 20-year power purchase agreement from Xcel Energy for its 250 megawatt wind farm in Elbert and Lincoln counties.

Enbridge will take over the operation of the wind farm and the Xcel agreement.

RES Americas will build the wind farm for Enbridge under a fixed-price contract, according to a statement from the companies.

Construction on the facility, which will have 139 turbines manufactured by Vestas Wind Systems, is scheduled to begin this summer.

Enbridge said the farm should be in operation in 2012.

RES Americas and Enbridge are already working on a $275 million wind farm in Ontario, Canada on the north shore of Lake Superior.

Enbridge has six wind projects in Canada. The Cedar Point project will be the company's single largest wind farm.

RES Americas has built 40 wind projects in 10 states and Canada since 1997, according to company.



Author is LONG (APWR) and (Vestas)

Disclosure: Long APWR and Vestas