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APWR Thailand Contract Will Add 150 Million to Revenues 2010

|Includes: A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. (APWR)

APWR is going to win this Thailand contract for 150 million which is less than the original value of 300 million but 150 million with a 20% margin is alot more than zero if they did not get the contract.   APWR 6-K Filing 6-19-09 is a complete mouthful and alot of reading but the part about '''signifigant material events'' would be the loss of the 150 million Thailand contract.........well, how can you lose something you have not announced winning????  So, I believe it is immenent on the announcement about winning Thailand and APWR stock price is about  to skyrocket after cliff diving 45% in last 7 days and now recovering 16% in two days.

Yes, this stock is NOT for the faint of heart and this definetly is not for the mortgage payment money next month.  APWR is a long term accumulate for 2012 when wind in China will be the dominant source of revenues and profits for APWR.

Does anyone actually invest anymore given APWR fell 45% after announcing upped revenues and profits for 2009????

Disclosure;: LONG APWR