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The Dow Jones Industrial Average Itself Is A Dog

Should I buy it? Let's take a look at the components:

30 companies of which the only one not a Dog this year appears to have been Home Depot. quite the chart that one. At the same time so many of the good plays look topped out:

so what looks good to power it higher then? here are a few 10 year dogs that i think stand poised to move:

in the case of Pfizer that stock is already moving. Will it help the rest of the index catch fire though? i would argue what has held the Index back is the lack of an economic recovery. Part of this comes from a lack of focus on the economy by two successive two term Presidents. This will be true in President Obama's second term as he focuses on his "date with destiny" which appears to me to be in the Middle East in general and Syria in particular. Having said that if the some type of deal is worked out in dealing with the "fiscal cliff" then the "business end" of dealing with the matter of "paying for said date with destiny" will if not resolved (are they ever?) but "finessed" in a way to keep what pays for these adventures working. I would wait for after the New Year to think about pulling the see if there is a "deal done" in Washington, to see if this Administration really is serious about "re-engaging the Middle East", to see economic recovery worthy of the name appears. Those are three big if's...but i am hopeful since there's a point where i would like to move out of my simple index fund and move into something who's job it is to provide absolute return...and does just that.

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