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If Inflation Leads To A Recession...what Happens To Inflation?

i would argue "inflation goes down." fuel prices are surging in spite of the fact that the American people are driving less than they did in 1997. That says to me you have a serious problem with the dollar and it has not been corrected AT ALL by this Administration. In short "more of the same" to pay for everything just means "more of the pain." And at some point "Illinois blows up financially." Unless and until Government determines the PROBLEM is with our dependency on oil and distillates instead of "the problem being we pay too little for it" then clearly we will re-enter "the abyss" created by the wack ball Alan Greenspan. If Government is intentionally keeping from the market solar technology that will drop the cost of fuel for transportation to "essentially zero" then i think this recession should it occur (as i think it must) will only prove "the only interest the Government has in growing the economy is in NOT growing the economy."

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