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originally i looked at this move higher in the equity average (100 percent off the low) as nothing more than a "the mother of all short covering rallies." it's starting to morph into a short SLAUGHTERING rally however who's primary cause as i see it is "it's modest nature." equities "at the macro" are pretty simple in their needs...and rare that they get anything they want: low inflation, low interest rates, strong central government "moving in one direction" that "is not in the direction of the financial services sector." even though this truly is the worst economy since the Great is easily the greatest rally in financially driven economics since the 1920's as not only do these simple macro's all exist but they will continue to exist at the "macro" or as i define macro "dollar level" for perhaps a decade maybe more. Since that 1920's economy was purely speculative and this one is anything but i would not be surprised to see Dow 15,000 by the end of the year. Sentiment is overwhelmingly negative, there is a raging inferno of hatred among the bulk of humanity against "these people" which means "those that hate will continue to be inaccurate" and "since they're up to no good" means the weapons they are using will be used against them as "this sector they are using it against is above all law" for the foreseeable future. I've been saying this going on 4 years now...been totally wrong about Treasuries but think we're talking a bubble...if not in that debt then certainly the debt of every other country on earth. I would also recommend avoiding equities that avoid paying a dividend. We shall see just how long Amazon can "hold out" in that company's amazing drive towards a "scaled economy." But if that company isn't an argument for how you can literally "grow your way to higher stock price" i don't know what is. Hence "you'd better have a growth kicker in you investing decisions." Front and center in that space to me are General Electric (for earnings potential) and JP Morgan Chase (on a valuation metric.) We shall see! Lotta bad people who hate America and Americans out there today. DON'T BE ONE OF THEM!

Disclosure: I am long DIA.