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Getting A Little Help From Science: Nature-Cide's Hydroponic Formulation

|Includes: Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. (PSHR)

Nature-Cide, a leader in manufacturing natural and 100 percent safe pest formulations and pest management services in the Greater Los Angeles area, hinted about the release of a new product at the National Hardware Convention Las Vegas trade show early in May. A photo accompanying the release on the company's participation at the event revealed that the company has added a hydroponic formulation to its product portfolio. The event has wrapped up, and Nature-Cide has since been creating awareness about the efficiency of its latest product on the market.

What is hydroponics? Dr. Merle Jensen of Arizona University defines hydroponics as a process of growing plants on water and growth media or nutrients. In order for the plant to grow, the plant's root system could be misted with the nutrient solution, submerged in the nutrient solution, or hung and rooted in a container or a channel filled with a soil replacement or substrate to support the plant. Jensen notes the substrate could be sand, sawdust, pebbles and the like. Two types of hydroponic systems are in use today, according to Jansen: open, where the growth media is not recycled, and closed, where the growth media is reused.

Hydroponics is a highly productive form of gardening, augmenting yields for farmers and greenhouse gardeners by many times over. According to the book, Jobs for the 21st Century, hydroponically grown crop yields are 100 times more than field grown crops. The book also notess how Whittaker Corporation's Agri-Systems division in Somis, California has taken advantage of hydroponics to multiply their lettuce yields by 100 times from 30,000 per acre to 3.2 million.

With Nature-Cide's new product, hydroponic gardeners can achieve the same while making sure pests are kept 100 percent at bay. Nature-Cide's new formulation is similar to its household formulations, except that the new formulation kills not just insects but also nematodes (worms) and fungi, which feed on the roots of hydroponic plants. The new formulation is also effective against aphids, mites, and other creepily crawlies that might live off on your plants, or worse, seek home in them.

In January, Nature-Cide announced it would be ramping up its Pest Management Division, which has become popular among residents of Malibu, Calabasas, and Agoura in California. The increased awareness about Nature-Cide's Pest Management Division came from its roving outfitted truck, which was intended to be a marketing vehicle for the company's products.

Nature-Cide's products work by causing premature shedding the exoskeletons of insects. Upon contact, the product penetrates deep into the insect's outer membrane or openings. This disarms the insect of its defenses, inducing paralysis and ultimately killing it.

Nature-Cide's product portfolio features outdoor, indoor, bed bug, and flea and tick formulations. All formulations can be sprayed directly on washable surfaces without causing any harm to people and pets. Formulations are based on essential oils such as clove oil, cedar oil, cinnamon oil and cottonseed oil.

Nature-Cide is a division of Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc. (OTCQX: PSHR), a company engaged in business development services and manufacturing consumer household and personal care products.