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Health Workers Find Stress Relief In Aromatherapy

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A study conducted at the James Cancer Hospital in Columbus, Ohio showed that aromatherapy helped oncology nurses stationed there to find relief from work-related stress. Oncology nurses who participated in the small study reported less tension, worry and demands when essential oil was diffused in the nurses station.

Kelly Tomlinson-Pinkham, MSN, RN, OCN, lead author of the study was quoted by Medscape Medical News as saying, "A patient who had a diffuser in her room was saying how much it helped her; that's how we got the idea of seeing whether it could help our staff."

The researchers noted that oncology nurses are exposed with daily work stress, including compassion fatigue and burn out. These work-related stress factors can have a direct impact on a nurse's daily performance and overall health.

The researchers conducted a six-week study amongst oncology nurses at the James Cancer Hospital to determine how they will respond to aromatherapy. The study aims to find if the pleasant aroma of essential oil diffused in the central nurse's station will have a positive effect.

The investigators measured the work stress of nurses before and after the diffusion of essential oils and used the Perceived Staff Work-Stress Questionnaire, a 30-question Likert-type survey that has four subscales, including tension, worry, demands, and lack of joy.

The 25 oncology nurses who participated in the study showed a marked improvement on at least three of the subscales. The nurses reported tension declined to 37 points from the average 43 (P = .002), scores for worry fell to 20 from 26 (P = .013), while scores for demand dropped to 34 from 41 t (P = .049).

Tomlinson-Pinkham added, "The only subscale that did not reflect a positive effect was the lack of joy, which actually increased. But at the time, we had a lot of deaths on the floor and we had a lot of young patients on the floor, so we had a lot of stressors going on, which may have contributed to this outcome." The study concluded that aromatherapy and other complementary alternative medicine approaches have positive impact to relieve psychological stress.

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