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This should 'peak' your interest

Thanks to my colleague Judith, eagle-eyed editor, for picking up this gem:

German officials...are particularly peaked by the Goldman Sachs ruse used to pile up billions of Greece’s public debt
So many people get the following homophones mixed-up: Peak/Peek/Pique.

I'll just give the verb definitions of each, not to confuse the issue too much.

peak (v): to reach a maximum (as of capacity, value, or activity)

peek (v): to look furtively; to peer through a crack or hole or from a place of concealment —often used with in or out; to take a brief look

pique (v): to arouse anger or resentment in; to excite or arouse especially by a provocation, challenge, or rebuff

Points to those who worked out that the example above should have said 'piqued'.  As should my title!