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Summer Update

Hello everyone,

With work beginning for teachers here next week, I will not have time to provide a summer series as I had hoped. I am still working on my doctorate degree which is progressing well but very time consuming (two years to go).

Not much has changed in the volatility landscape since I stopped writing. I have not made a volatility related trade in over a year. Low volatility is not here to stay and as we have seen any correction in the market will lead to a drastic swing in volatility related ETFs. These are cyclical patterns and this environment could last for up to another two years. 

Historically we are nearing the end of the volatility cycle. However, if congress can work together to push through certain reforms, then I believe we could still have a ways to go. We have seen just how well they work together. Remember that there are two types of volatility events, political and economic. I have a whole article on that here.

Another article I believe might be beneficial for reviewing can be found here. The market has been so good for so long that there is a whole class of investors who have never experienced losing. 

I hope you and your family are doing well. Despite not making anything in volatility we have done very well with financials and our personal real estate investments. My strategy over the next year will be to wind down my equity and real estate assets and prepare for the next investment. What that is remains to be seen as many things look fairly expensive right now.

Thank you for your continued support. Should a significant volatility event present itself I will still be around to provide an update. 


Nathan Buehler