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Capital Alternatives: Profitable Government-backed Alternative Investment Opportunities

Capital Alternatives is a leading alternative investment broker providing innovative non-traditional investment opportunities having a low correlation to stocks and shares for portfolio diversification in forestry, carbon credits, gold, fine wine, memorabilia and rental properties. The company provides opportunities in tangible and direct commercial properties varying from agricultural land to commercial properties and forestry.

Capital Alternative provides investment opportunities in

  • Carbon Credits generation (forestry projects in Australia, Africa and Brazil)
  • Teak forestry (Brazil)
  • Agricultural land (in Sierra Leone and Lithuania)
  • Memorabilia (collectables including best selling items of sportsmen, musicians, artists)
  • Gold, silver, platinum (investment starting from £500)
  • Fine wines (low risk investment)

Investment opportunity in Carbon credits generation projects

Australian carbon credits - Investors get the opportunity in government-backed forestry projects in Australia to reduce carbon emissions and the rate offered for carbon credits is $23 per tonne, which is 40% above the market rate. Investors purchase forestry land on a licence for 15 year at a minimum of $13,850 per plot in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia and the cost includes the costs of planting, maintenance, administration, management and insurance. Estimated returns are in the range of 30 to 365%.

African carbon credits: Purchase plots in West Africa's last remaining rain forest, the Gola forest in Sierra Leone on a lease for 45-years to generate REDD carbon credits from protecting the forest, audited and accredited by Climate Care Global LTD. REDD credits are the most valuable carbon credits in the voluntary market.

Brazilian rainforests carbon credits - Investors receive the opportunity to invest in forestry in the Brazilian rainforest to earn REDD carbon credits.

Investment opportunity in Agricultural Land

Capital alternatives provide investment opportunities in agricultural land in Africa at a low investment of $9,000 (for 3 acres). The scheme expects to provide an income of 15% from rice harvests (at least 2 harvests per annum). Offered at a low investment entry level, returns are generated from constant rises in the price of land and income generated from the sale of rice, which is the staple food of the local population. The project is backed by a money-back-guarantee, in case; there is no harvest in the first 2 years. Investors receive the title deed of the land, which is allocated on a 48-year lease. The capital returns are expected to be 50% as soon as the land is prepared for harvest and a conservative 7% per annum.

Free report on Carbon credits, forestry and agricultural land in Africa.