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Ten Stocks For 2013

People generally use fundamental analysis or technical analysis for selecting stocks. I have developed yet another way of analyzing stocks for investing. I study astrological charts of the stocks. These charts are based on the planetary positions of the day a stocks starts trading on a stock exchange. I do not intend to give the details of this method here, as the interested people can go to my website and study the methodology.

I know that the general American people are very skeptical of astrology. I therefore urge them to give me a chance to prove that astrology really works in the hands of an experienced astrologer, particularly for selecting stocks. Nature has provided us a tool in the form of planetary motion, and I think that we should use it instead of ignoring it. Before writing anything on this blog, I have thoroughly back tested my methods. People who do not want to believe in Astrology can still use this selection in conjunction with their own technical or fundamental analysis, although my selection is solely based on astrology.

Coming back to planets, it is important to note that the planet Saturn is transiting through the sign of Libra during the entire year of 2013. In Libra Saturn becomes very strong. To utilize this strength I have selected stocks, which have strong Saturn in the birth chart. This gave me a list of about 50 stocks out of my collection of about 300 charts. I have shortened this list further to a list of 10 stocks, which are also undergoing the sub-period of Saturn. When a chart undergoes the sub-period of a planet, it becomes sensitive to the strengths and weaknesses of the planet in birth chart and in transition. Thus these 10 stocks have sensitive and strong Saturn, and this Saturn is also strong in transit. This three-way strength of Saturn gives me confidence to say that these stocks would do well in the year 2013.

Here is the list: YHOO (Yahoo), RAX (Rackspace), NFLX (Netflix), TCAP (Triangle Corp), LLY (Ely Lilly Pharmaceuticals), LEN (Lennar Corp), F (Ford Motor), PMT (PennyMac Mortgage), STX (Seagate) and MA (Master card).

These stocks come from different segments of the market therefore constitute a well-diversified portfolio. Investors can do their own due diligence to time the buying and selling.

Disclosure: I am long YHOO.

Additional disclosure: I own all all of these stocks except F, MA and RAX. I may initiate a position in any one of them within 72 hours.