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Ten Stocks For 2014

I gave a list of ten stocks for 2013 on December 1, 2012. This list was based solely on the strength of transiting Saturn. I selected those stocks, which have strong Saturn in the astro-charts of the stocks. Here is how they performed during the period December 1, 2012 to November 29,2013.

Stock Symbol Price on 12/1/212 Price on 12/1/2013 Dividend Earned Gain/Loss
YHOO 18.60 36.98 0% 99%
RAX 18.0 36.98 0% -45%
NFLX 81.90 34.70 0% 345%
TCAP 25.70 29.76 8% 23%
LLY 49.40 50.40 4% 6%
LEN 38.40 35.92 1% -%
F 111.60 17.10 3% 50%
PMT 24.80 22.58 10% 1%
MA 492.0 761.44 1% 56%
STX 25.40 49.04 4% 97%


An average of 63% is much better than the S&P500 average of 26%, and is a testament to the usefulness of my analysis of stock charts based on astrology. I am now going to offer a similar list of 10 stocks for 2014. Since Saturn remains exalted until October 2014, I am going to stick with this list with a few changes. This is because I have studied more astro-charts of stocks, and found better stocks that have strong Saturn in the natal charts and running sub-periods of Saturn. I am dropping NFLX simply because it has gone too far too fast. I am going to stay with YHOO, LEN, F, MA and STX. I am going to replace other five stocks with KKR, MU, RRC, CSIQ and NSM. Since some of the new stocks were running Saturn sub-period last year, they have already advanced in price. One should therefore be careful to buy at these levels.

Thus my ten stocks for 2014 are: Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (NYSE:KKR), Micron Technology (NASDAQ:MU), Range Resources Corp (NYSE:RRC), Canadian Solar (NASDAQ:CSIQ), Nationstar Mortgage (NYSE:NSM), Yahoo (YHOO), Lennar Corp (NYSE:LEN), Ford Motor (NYSE:F), Master Card (NYSE:MA) and Seagate Techn (NASDAQ:STX).

Another interesting point to note is that Jupiter is also entering its sign of exaltation in June 2014, and will remain exalted for about one year. Therefore I will come up another list of stocks, which have strong Jupiter in their natal charts.

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Disclosure: I am long STX, KKR, MU, CSIQ, NSM.