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Anavex Life Sciences: Potential Catalysts With Parkinson's Update

|Includes: Anavex Life Sciences Corp. (AVXL)

Future Catalysts

(These are not in any specific order. Feel free to suggest any additional catalysts):

1a. ALZ outside funding/partnership

1b. Breakthrough Therapy Designation for A 2-73

1c. PK/PD data for 12 and 26 weeks

1d. PR regarding the start of P3 ALZ and first patient enrolled

2a. IND Approval for Rett Syndrome

2b. Rett Syndrome outside funding/partnership

2c. Start of Rett Syndrome P2 with first patient enrolled (slightly bigger catalyst if a pivotal p2)

3. More longitudinal data from ALZ P2 extensions

4a. IND Approval for A 3-71

4b. Outside funding/partner for A 3-71 Phase 1

4c. Start of A 3-71 Phase 1

5a. IND Approval for Fragile X - Autism

5b. Outside funding/partner for P2 in Fragile X - Autism

6a. IND Approval for Infantile Spasms

6b. Outside funding/partner for P2 in Infantile Spasms

6c. Start of Infantile Spasms P2

7a. IND Approval for Parkinson's

7b. Outside funding/partner for P2 in Parkinson's

7c. Start of Parkinson's P2 with first patient enrolled

8a. IND Approval for Epilepsy

8b. Outside funding/partner for P2 in Epilepsy

8c. Start of Parkinson's P2 with first patient enrolled

9a. IND approval for MS

9b. Outside funding/partner for P2 in MS

9c. Start of MS P2

10. ODD for other indications

11. Dismissal of Lawsuit

12. SEC Investigation resolved/clarified

13. Increased institutional investing


1. PR stating we are attending AAIC -

2. Positive Preclinical results in Infantile Spasms -

3. ODD for infantile spasms (2-73) -

4. Positive Preclinical results in Rett's Syndrome -

5. ODD for Rett's Syndrome (2-73) -

6. Positive Preclinical results in Fragile X - Autism Related Disorders -

7. ODD for Frontotemporal Dementia (3-71) -

8. Positive Preclinical results in MS (2-73) -

9. Positive 5-week dose-response Alzheimer's data -

10. ALZ P2A PB Data (12 and 26 week at AAIC) and Therapeutic dose and Maximum tolerated dose established - and

11. Preclinical Parkinson's results -

Disclosure: I am/we are long AVXL.