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Updated List of most promising silver plays

 Here a list of the most promising silver juniors sorted by quality of assets an stock pricing. Obviously top reserves come at a higher valuation. I personally do not invest in the lowest quality quartile, but if silver goes parabolic again huge profits COULD be made there. 

1st quartile
Few risks, best reserves in the industry, close to production, fairly priced:
Tahoe Resources
MAG Silver

Alexco Resource 

2nd quartile
Orko Silver
First Majestic
Minco Silver


3rd quartile
ECO Silver

4th quartile
High risks, reserves barely economical, extremly low valuation:
Genco Resources
Mines Management

Revett Minerals

Disclosure: Long all stocks in the top 3 quartiles 

Disclosure: LONG top 3 quartiles, consider trading 4th quartile