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JP TURNER & Co, Atlanta, Charged With ‘Churning' Customers' Accounts Over $2.7 Million

On September 10th, 2012, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) alleged three former brokers at JP Turner & Co. in Atlanta, traded excessively in accounts of seven clients from January, 2008, through December, 2009.

The regulators reported that these three brokers churned their client's accounts and received $845,000 in commissions and fees for themselves and JP Tuner. Unfortunately, their customers lost $2.7 million. The brokers, Ralph Calabro, Jason Konner and Dimitrios Koutsoubos, were allegedly said to have disregarded the customers' conservative investment objectives and low risk tolerances.

Michael Bresner, JP Turner's head supervisor, was charged with failing to supervise two of the brokers, according to the SEC administrative complaint. The JP Turner Atlanta firm will pay about $416,000 in penalties.

William Hicks, associate director of the SEC's Atlanta office said, "Broker-dealers' supervisory systems must provide customers with reasonable protection from churning and similar abuses. JP Turner's supervisory systems failed to do that."

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