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Lars Soreide Wins $560,625 Award For Defrauded Church Bond Investor

Lars K. Soreide, Esq., of Soreide Law Group, a securities arbitration practice based out of Fort Lauderdale, had a client who was awarded approximately $560,626.00 in a FINRA arbitration against John Michael Greer, Sr., for his role in the sale of the Church Mortgage and Loan bond to a retired investor. The Church Mortgage and Loan bond sold to the retired investor represented over 80% of his retirement savings and the bond defaulted shortly after the sale through American Heritage Church Finance, Inc. The award was entered by default as Mr. Greer, never responded to the FINRA complaint served upon him. Several of the other named parties filed bankruptcy during the litigation and discharged any claim of the aggrieved investor. Soreide Law Group intends to confirm the award in Federal Court and vigorously pursue full collection of the award against Mr. Greer.

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