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The Soreide Law Group, PLLC, is currently investigating claims for possible arbitrations for investors before the Financial Industry Regulatory Industry, also known as FINRA, who were sold Insight Real Estate LLC Debentures, TSG Capital Fund I, LLC, Green Realty Trust, Inc, Insight Green REIT Advisor, TSG Series 2007-A Debentures.

Debentures are long term debt instruments that are not secured by a mortgage or any other lien on a specific property. It is unsecured debt and therefore significantly more risky for investors.

Investors Capital Corporation has been actively selling Insight Real Estate, LLC, Debentures. Insight Real Estate 2007-A Debenture, raised over $8 million. Many Investors Capital brokers sold this investment, including broker Bill Baumner in Boca Raton, Florida, who sold the Insight Real Estate debenture to several clients. William Baumner was with Investors Capital from October, 2007, through February, 2009, according to his CRD published by FINRA. Mr. Baumner is currently registered with Buckman, Buckman & Reid in Boca Raton.

The FINRA Notice to Members 03-71, "Non-Conventional Investments", warns of the dangers of placing investors into investments that don't fall into a common category. Insight Real Estate debentures can be classified as "Non-Conventional" and according to FINRA 03-71 these investments should not be sold without: (1) performing due diligence to understand the features of the product; (2) perform a reasonable basis suitability analysis; (3) perform a customer specific suitability analysis; (4) provide a balanced disclosure of both the risks and rewards, especially when selling to a retail investor; (5) implement appropriate internal controls; and (6) training registered persons regarding the features, risks, suitability of these products. Many investors who purchased the debentures have no reason to gamble with their irreplaceable life savings and/or purchase this high risk investment.

The Securities Department of the State of Illinois has also identified a number of other non-conventional investments that may have violated securities regulations which include:

TSG Real Estate;

TSG Capital Fund I, LLC;

Green Realty Trust, Inc.;

Insight Real Estate, LLC;

Insight Green REIT Advisor, LLC; and

TSG Series 2007-A Debentures.

If you or a loved one were sold investments in any of the above mentioned investments by your broker or financial advisor, call Lars K. Soreide, Esq., of Soreide Law Group, PLLC, at 1-888-760-6552 or visit us on the web at Free consultation, no fee if no recovery, representing investors before FINRA nationwide.