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Important Facts On VRNG And Misinformation Being Provided By User Dam78 Here / Contra On ST

|Includes: XpresSpa Group (XSPA)

Dear readers, I have been forced to publish this instablog post in response to misinformation being provided by dam78 here / contra on stocktwits in regards to VRNG. My attempts to provide factual responses that refute his lies on his blog are repeatedly deleted, in an effort by him, to maintain an apparent goal of misinformation.

Our friend was likely long this stock and likely lost a great deal of money. It apppears that he was overinvested in a spec play and is now angry to the point of blaming everyone but himself for his poor trading and investment decisions.

He has spent the last 3 months bashing this stock on stocktwits. He has misinformed about the company's cash balance suggesting it was $2 million when it is currently $16 million. He has misinformed about the company's cash burn suggesting that it's $2 million per month, when it is now $2 mil per quarter, these two facts can be confirmed by reading the most recent financials.

He states that management is dumping shares. The last material sale by management was Jan 2014. Since then they have sold for tax purposes (small amounts which every public co exec does), and even these stopped in Q3 last year. All factual and can be verified by form 4's.

He posted a comment from a ruling in the UK (in his recent blog post) implying the judge is providing VRNG with bad news, when that case is over, unappealable, and VRNG WON AND IS AWAITING DAMAGES.

He has misinformed about SCOTUS dates ignoring the high probability/potential of a GVR being granted in the Goog case, much like the TEVA clones, which faced similar issues as VRNG does here.

He calls those who provide the facts above, that refute or challenge his partial or misinformation, 'pumpers'...apparently correcting his misinformation ABOUT A PUBLICLY LISTED SECURITY, is 'pumping' to our friend.

He constantly repeats the same misinformation, and when met with facts, he then posts the misinformation again and again in other venues, such as this site and deletes commentary that refutes it.

Be aware of this man's motives as you read his commentary here and elsewhere.

Disclosure: The author is long VRNG.

Additional disclosure: As always do your own diligence and do not trust the views of others on message boards. Always refer to company disclosures and public filings to verify commentary you read.