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TIXC - Tix Corporation (Nasdaq) $3.97 $129M (MarketCap)

|Includes: CMCSA

On-Line Tickets: Exploring the NewMedia multiple I watched a cool Video on The CEO Mitch Francis of Tix Corp TIXC. And realized that ticket sales can morph into producing content concurrently expanding the companies multiple by crossing over into other business lines. Comcast is doing it, ESPN does it.

Anyone who participates in ticket sales (entertainment) eventually has the Ah-Ha moment where they realize they can be a Producer (every mans lifelong dream). I also applaud Mitch for using NewMedia tools to create market awareness…too few CEO’s use short video clips. Gotta ask how a guy from Colorado who had the first Real Estate degree ended up in NewMedia. Answer is …they surround themselves with a good team.

I would like to see Mitch in a Q&A with a few analysts from up the marketcap there are good analysts covering this sector and it is their job to keep pace with the smaller emerging companies down the marketcap scale. This stock should be valued under a higher multiple than just the online-ticket sales metric. Shouldn’t it be in the production category if they have a revenue line. I say yes and I also say that there is a NewMedia multiple which exists which is a better metric altogether that no one is talking about as media consolidates..

As industries evolve in the internet age they transition to new metrics. If you look at Nasdaq/WWE World Wrestling and NYSE/LYV Live Nation they figured out how to transition the revenues to the bottom line. I think it is a useful debate to reprice NewMedia assets and the multiples associated.

Since July nearly all Old Media and NewMedia assets have been the best performers, albeit they fell hard and fast in 2008, they are bouncing for a reason. Live Nation is up 100% since the 4th of July and the ETF’s are also among the best performers in the recent quarter. TIXC is no laggard also up more than 100% since the 4th. This is a perfect smallcap name to represent our Index while we watch the larger stocks ( I focus on smaller companies and have my own Index). Point is, with proper execution from Mitch…this stock can capture the expanding NewMedia multiple.

About TIXC

Tix Corporation, an integrated entertainment company, focuses on ticketing services, event merchandising, and the production and promotion of live entertainment in the United States. The company operates in three segments: Ticket Services, Event and Branded Merchandising, and Live Entertainment. The Ticket Services segment provides ticketing services, including sale discount and premium tickets; offers group sale services; and sells premium tickets for sporting events, concerts, tours, and theatres. The Exhibit and Event Merchandising segment provides exhibit and event merchandising, such as the provision of retail specialty stores with branded merchandise for touring museum exhibitions and theatrical productions, and the ownership and operation of retail stores with custom-branded products for sale. The Live Entertainment segment operates as a live entertainment presenter, and produces and presents live theater and concerts. This segment books touring theatrical and concert presentations, as well as participates in the development and roll out of theatrical and concert presentations originating on Broadway in New York or the West end in London. It also invests in shows or productions in advance of their initial tours to obtain presentation and merchandising rights. This segment sells tickets to these programs through subscriber-based businesses and sales teams, as well as through print, radio, television, outdoor, and Internet-mediated marketing tools. The company was formerly known as Cinema Ride, Inc. and changed its name to Tix Corporation in March 2005. Tix Corporation was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Studio City, California