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Broadcast International Launches 4 Screen Platform (OTCBB: BCST)

This week has been busy for Broadcast International, for starters the company is displaying its unified video optimization software platform at the Association of Broadcasters show. CodecSys, allows for the management of 4 screens of user interaction including television, PC, smartphone and digital displays. 

The platform is powered by an Intel Xeon Processer 7500 which manages live video feed and is applied to the multi codec framework. “By relying on the never before available super-computing power of Intels® Xeon® processor 7500 series, systems can support 32 cores and 64 threads enabling CodecSys to unleash HD-enabled video applications for low-broadband providers.”

In further news, Zenterio AB and Broadcast International furthered their current licensing agreement, extending the CodecSys software platform to encompass network video services such as IPTV and VoD applications. Zenterio AB experienced success utilizing the mobile application of CodecSys and has furthered their licensing to both file-based and live services.

Finally, Anevia and Broadcast International have entered into a partnership to provide video services to the IPTV market. The weaving of these two companies will combine the infrastructure of an already established live TV and Video On Demand firm with the encoding capabilities of CodecSys.

The On Demand TV and Internet TV Model is beginning to catch on in the entertainment space. Consumers are becoming accustomed to DV-R cable boxes and technology such as Boxee and Hulu which allow for TV over Internet connection.

Personally, I hardly ever channel surf anymore. If I am not watching a Baseball Game, or Discovery Channel’s new Life series, I am on watching Lost or Flash Forward. The point of me telling you this is that all this programming is, or could all be On Demand. The narrowness of scheduled television programming is beginning to be displaced by the Internet and as my generation gets older, it will only become more prevalent. 
BCST is currently trading at $1.01 

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