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Greetings from the Middle East! Dubai - Day 1

May 11th Day 1 – Arabian Courtyard Hotel

After 30 hours straight traveling, and a six hour night sleep, I have just completed my first day out on the town in Dubai, UAE. It is hard to fully digest all that I have seen. Most notably, today I had the priveledge of seeing the Burj Al Arab – the worlds only seven star hotel, and the Burj Dubai, the worlds tallest building. Although this Emirate has had its problems financially (find me one government who hasn't) It is fair to say that the stage is set for the tourism industry in Dubai to completely explode within the next 5 year. The skyline here is incredible, with an enomorous amount of skyscrapers continuing in their construction. Fleets of migrant workers are bussed into the cities daily in order to facilitate the seemingly overnight rise of this Emirate. The streets are filled with immigrants, I am having difficulty deciphering the different languages and nationalities as we here make our journey through the city. Mostly, Dubai is a mix of Indians, Thai, Indonesian, Iranian, and of course the Emirate, who make up the smalled percentage of population here in Dubai. This would econompass a number of languages including: Hindi, Farsi, Arabic, and Cantonese. Everyone here speaks mostly fluent English as well


Most notably, today our group was able to catch a glimpse of Sheik Rashid in his infamous, White Mercedez G-Wagen. As this vehicle approached from behind our bus, I grabbed a friend and began to point and yell, the obnoxious American tourist that I am. As he passed, he gave us a friendly wave, and a friend of mine was able to snap a picture of him saying hello. In my excitement I was only able to catch a picture of the back of his car, which as you can see is the number 1. Our guide informed us that it is extermely rare to see the Shiek out and about. Apparently he was coming from a meeting in the Atlantis, and was on his way to the helipad at the Burj Al-Arab, no biggie...

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