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Mobile Data Corp. (OTCBB: MBYL) $3M (MarketCap) Completes Final MDC-Tracker Product Testing

Mobile Data Corp. (OTCBB: MMBYL) is currently trading at .1150, up .035 or 43.75%. MDC is a software development company whose mandate is to provide solutions for telecommunications and computer convergence for the year 2010 and beyond. In October 2009, MDC acquired a Global Positioning System (NYSE:GPS) tracking technology for the latest generation of GPS enabled Smartphones. MDC has continued to further develop this technology, marketing it under the name MDC-Tracker. Today, the company has announced its successful completion of final testing of its MDC-Tracker software product for the Blackberry Storm 2 (9550). The product will launch on the MDC website the beginning of June 2010.

This company provides system integration and custom development for corporations that wish to customize or integrate MDC-Tracker into their Smartphone hardware or specific customer solution. The Tracker has features such as accounts management and data tracking, enabled through the use of Microsoft SQL Server and MDC's own proprietary Socket Server. Through the database, users will be provided with valuable information regarding the location of a Blackberry smartphone at any given time over a specified period. This ties in to one of the MDC Tracker's significant feature, the implication of Human Asset Management. This product will give managers an audit trail of out of office sales personnel, tracking where they went, how long they stayed at that location and how long it took them to go to the next location. This information is critical in ensuring expected performance from employees and proper implementation of planning on a corporate level.

MDC's application development strategy is to give businesses the capability to track employee assets, for a variety of reporting and accountability protocols. Their software layer provides another tool in providing companies with the in-depth knowledge concerning cost control and corporate productivity. MDC plans to expand support to more Smartphones including further RIM devices, Apple iPhone and Google android based devices in the future.

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