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Volume Leaders in WMM MicroCap Index Profit Taking

|Includes: China BAK Battery, Inc. (CBAK-OLD), JMBA, RUTH, SEED, UONEK, WAVX

The World Market Media MicroCap index is down 2.99%, compared to NYSE -1.67%, NASDAQ -1.48% and the S&P 500 -1.45%. The primary reason for the downturn in the WMM MicroCap index is due investors profit taking in  volume leaders in the index. These stocks include CBAK ($105M MktCap), RUTH ($144M MktCap), ROIAK ($170M MktCap), WAVX ($224M MktCap), SEED ($178M MktCap), JMBA ($132M MktCap), and AUGT ($54M MktCap). One of the biggest common inability of investors is to take a loss; taking a loss is so painful, it is simply avoided. These volume leader securites have been experiencing spikes in prices, and consequently, investors have been selling.  When enough investors do this, it can cause a significant, but temporary, drop in price; exhibited through the current prices of the WMM MicroCap Index's volume leaders.

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