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Lantronix - Providing Remote Access to IT and Secure Access to Marines (NASDAQ: LTRX)

|Includes: Lantronix, Inc. (LTRX)

Lantronix (NASDAQ:LTRX) manufacturers networking technology solutions for the business world. The company's three product categories include Device Networking, Remote Device Access and IT Management. From server racks to smaller networking devices, Lantronix provides a wide variety of connectivity solutions in order to allow businesses to stay wired and troubleshoot internal issues. 

World Market Media has featured Lantronix in our Nano Cap Index and has been covering this company for quite some time. LTRX has two recent press releases announcing the adoption of their devices for use in two polar fields.

The first device is the SecureLinx Spider KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) which allows for routine maintenance and remote trouble shooting. NetDrekt, a German hosting solutions group has chosen the Spider KVM in order to make their server maintenance procedure more efficient. In the past it was necessary to manually fix server bugs, whereas now, installation of software and debugging can be done remotely through this access device. The design of the device allows for less cluttering on server racks.   
Second, Lantronix is now supplying General Dynamics C4 systems with SecureLinx Console managers, which will be used for the U.S. Marine Corp for Tactical Data Network Distribution. The SecureLinx SLC will allow marines to access, manage, monitor and trouble shoot any piece of data back at base on the server racks quickly and efficiently. The equipment has also been reduced in size, weight and power consumption for use in the field.   
Currently Lantronix is trading at $4.60 up .06 or 1.3% on thin volume this morning. Upon viewing the companies graph it is plain to see that the company has been making progress over the past year.   
The last filed 10-Q reported an increase of 1.5 million or 14% in net revenue for the fiscal quarter of March 31st 2010, marked by a high increase in device networking product demand. Gross profit margin remained the same and Cash ended the quarter at $9.3 million.
The old information age is over, businesses do not just want unguided, disorganized data anymore. The time has come for efficient, organized and smart access to data which has become a necessity to conduct business in today's world. As evidenced by the company's 10-Q this demand has been noted and has added to LTRX's top and bottom line growth heavily. 

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