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AISystems, Inc. (OTCBB: ASYI) $73M (MarketCap) Trading at +8% After Announcing Crew Scheduling and Rostering Technology

 AISystems, Inc. is a technology company that has developed a proprietary business platform for the commercial airline industry called jetEngine™, representing a fundamental paradigm and technology shift in airline resource planning. AISystems' unique approach is the holistic integration of the marketing, fleet, crew, and maintenance schedules which enables airlines to adapt rapidly to changes in their environment, seize market opportunities faster than the competition, and react effectively to competitor actions.
Crew costs represent a large impact on the overall financial model for airlines, so the effective scheduling and rostering of crew has a significant impact on airline profitability. Today’s crew management systems generally follow a sequential, two-step process to create crew schedules that challenge the ability of airlines to deliver high-quality rosters in a short timeframe. They first generate pairings and then assign them – as well as other activities, such as time off or training - to   produce a roster. The breakdown of the scheduling problem into two these sub-problems leads to a less than optimal solution and requires much manual intervention of planners to ensure that all crew scheduling requirements are satisfied. There are numerous instances of flights being cancelled because of the unavailability of the right crew and in the right location, creating challenges and risks for airlines.
Today, AISystems, Inc. has announced revolutionary crew scheduling and rostering technology. AISystems; Crew Planning module is a crew management system that revolutionizes the crew scheduling process though the integration of the pairing and rostering processes. This technology allows airlines to create crew schedules and rosters in minutes, and also allows scheduling changes that are guaranteed to not adversely impact the efficiency of the schedule plan. 



Stephen Johnston, President & CEO of AISystems commented, "The Company is very pleased with the initial results of our Crew Scheduling and Rostering prototype. Our technology should provide airlines with immediate and direct improvement to profitability, as well as facilitating greater efficiency in their logistics operations. It also creates a more user-friendly and efficient experience for crew members when they bid on desired routes and schedules. The new Crew Scheduling and Rostering Technology is expected to be made available to the market in 2011."


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