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PureSafe Water Systems (OTCBB: PSWS) $48M (MarketCap) Performance Test

PureSafe Water Systems is a developmental stage company engaging in the design and development of its technology to be used in the manufacture and sale of water purification systems. The company’s flagship offering is the 1st Response Mobile Water Purification System, capable of great versatility in travel and target implementation. While no sales or revenues have been recorded, the evolution of the aluminum trailer-framed water purifying system has been remarkable. With industrial-strength axels and E-rated tires, the trailer can be pulled and towed in any terrain, while the frame itself was built with a helicopter-lift that allows for remote aerial transportation and delivery. The patented water purifying technology process that goes on inside the trailer is a complex system of tanks, filters, and pressurizers that can siphon water from any source and pump out up to 30,000 gallons of bacteria-free clean drinking water that surpasses even the EPA’s stringent standards for quality. Here’s a picture of the trailer and a brief explanation of how the system works.

The company announced today that they have entered into a project agreement with Underwriters Laboratories to evaluate the PureSafe 1st Response Water System for electrical safety and water purification performance. Underwriters has been chosen because of their respected reputation as one of the world's leading third-party testing and certification organizations for safety and performance evaluations. Should the evaluation result in praise for PureSafe’s technology and products, that claim would add credibility to a company that has been committed to providing a disaster-response solution to desperate, distressed victims in need – earthquake survivors and hurricane catastrophe zones for example. The applications for the 1st Response are wide; this company is keeping people alive in the face of great natural and physical adversity that human beings will inevitably and forever face.


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