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Broadcast International Inc. (OTCBB: BCST) $35M (MarketCap) Receives Patent Grant in India

Broadcast International (OTCBB: BCST) is a leading provider of video-powered broadcast solutions, including IP, and digital satellite, Internet streaming and other types of wired/wireless network distribution. The company’s patented CodecSyc software is a breakthrough, multi-codec video compression technology that cuts video bandwith requirements by up to 50% over satellite, cable, IP, and wireless networks. Every other encoding solution on the market is limited in their effectiveness because of their reliance on a single codec. With Broadcast’s patented multi-codec technology, an artificial intelligence engine determines which codec should be used to optimize the content of each specific scene, making for better performance at the lowest possible bandwith. By doing this, it enables a new generation of applications such as streaming video to cell phones, and offers unprecedented price/ performance benefits for existing applications such as HD video.

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Today, Broadcast International announced that is has received a patent grant for the CodecSysTM encoding platform in the country of India. The patent is broad in its nature and covers the unique, proprietary system used by CodecSysTM to deliver complex video streams over the Internet at bandwidths lower than previously achieved in the marketplace. The company has key partners and prospects in India, and this patent marks its success in aggressively moving toward expansion in the region.




"We are aggressively moving towards expansion in the region with key partners and prospects in India. It's an explosive market and this patent will position us well to execute in this new arena," said Rod Tiede. "Video broadcast over IP is the new frontier in India and CodecSys will be a key contributor to rapid growth in that area."


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