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CopSync (OTCBB:COYN): 10 New Texas Law Enforcement Agencies

COPsync, Inc. (OTCBB:COYN), a software technology provider to law enforcement and emergency service professionals, announces today that ten additional Texas law enforcement agencies have signed agreements with the Company for the installation of the Company's information sharing technology, COPsync(NYSE:TM). The City of Burnet Police Department, City of Eustace Police Department, 100th District Attorney's Office, City of Booker Police Department, City of Jarrell Police Department, City of Lorenzo Police Department, City of Ralls Police Department, Smith County Constable's Office, Ochiltree County Constable's and Ochiltree County Sheriff's Office have entered into contracts with the Company for the installation of COPsync in their patrol vehicles.

By utilizing the COPsync software, these agencies gain valuable access to real-time law enforcement information in a mobile environment as well as the ability to share critical information at the point of incident as crimes are reported and investigated. Additionally, any law enforcement officer on the COPsync network will be immediately alerted if an individual with whom that officer is in contact has been determined to be a safety threat, has an active warrant for their arrest, is listed as a runaway or otherwise flagged in the system by other agencies using the network. This information allows law enforcement officers to prepare and respond intelligently to a potential threat.

COPsync, Inc. CEO, Russell Chaney, stated, "We are pleased to announce additional law enforcement agencies joining our information sharing portal. As each agency comes aboard the network, it becomes more advantageous for the next agency to join. Obstacles such as in-car connectivity and the lack of technology development tools prevented an application like ours from existing previously, thus creating the lack of information sharing. COPsync provides an information collection, distribution and sharing portal so that when a subscribing officer requests information they receive it in real-time directly in the patrol vehicle. Sharing critical information at the point of incident will reduce crime rates, increase officer efficiency, and aid in solving open cases."


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