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Quantum Materials Corporation (OTCBB: QTMM) $9M (MarketCap) +26%

Quantum Materials Corporation (OTCBB: QTMM) develops tetrapon quantum dots for use in a variety of industries including solar, pharmacology, paints, LEDS, and lighting systems. Its wholly owbed subsidiary, Solterra Renewable Technologies, focuses on the use of tetrapod quantum dots in an innovative and cost reducing way to produce solar cells. Together, they employ innovative processes to produce a variety of organice and inorganic tetrapod quantum dots using their worldwide exclusive license and proprietary processes. Tetrapods have many unique properties that provide superior performance over traditional quantum dots. Unlike traditional quantum dot manufacturing, Quantum Materials uses novel techniques, which enables the company to overcome barriers to entry, such as, high volume production in high tech markets. The technologies offer the ability to produce stand-alone tetrapod quantum dots in large quantities at attractive pricing.

On May 12th, Solterra Renewable Technologies announced its participation in the Japanese External Trade Organization’s (JETRO) program for bringing businesses to Japan. Building upon its tetrapod quantum dots and tetrapod quantum dot solar cells being developed in North America, Solterra has been selected to use JETRO's services and will be able to access potential business partners, recruitment companies, legal advisors and temporary office spaces in Japan.

As the home of some of the world’s leading consumer electronics manufactures, Japan was a logical next step in executing the company's strategic vision. Through this partnership, they will be able to introduce attractive, innovative, cost reductions in the use of tetrapod quantum dot materials and tetrapod quantum dot based solar cells to Japan. Quantum Materials Corp. and the Tetrapod Quantum Dot technologies have the potential to enable an array of emerging technologies many of which are in the consumer electronics field.

Quantum Materials Corporation is currently trading at $.12, up $.02 or 26%.



Stephen Squires, CEO of Solterra Renewable Technologies, Inc., commented, "With JETRO's help we can now focus on the Japanese market, bringing our innovative technology to their robust electronic manufacturing industry as well as their emerging energy industry.  JETRO will be a key medium in the launching our Tetrapod Quantum Dot Materials & Quantum Dot Solar Cell businesses throughout Japan and will be a strategic partner in facilitating the expansion of our market share."

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