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iPhone Reviews: New iPhone out Thursday

The US economy seems to revolve around the iPhone, every economic number recently is telling us that the consumer is exausted in every category except new technology.  Apples revenue numbers tell me that consumers would rather buy and iPhone or iPad than eat.  I rarely write about macro events but i must jump on the iPhone bandwagon and report a review shamelessly reprinted from Yahoo writers.  They also feature the God of technology reviews..Walt Mossberg.  So go skip a meal an Apple and an iPhone.

Thank You - Ben Patterson technology writer for Yahoo! News....

" It's not due in stores until Thursday, but the iPhone 4 is already winning raves from the top reviewers in tech, who are calling it an "amazing" handset that's the "best smartphone" on the market. That said, there are some quibbles, including the fact that call quality still isn't perfect and the new video chat feature only works between two iPhone 4 handsets.
Walt Mossberg at the Wall Street Journal gushes that the new, slimmer iPhone is "in the lead in the smartphone wars" thanks to a "dramatic redesign" that "manages to make the 3GS appear bulbous by comparison." The "radically sharper screen" gets a shout-out, as well as Apple's "clever" new FaceTime video chat feature, improved battery life, and "sharper and clearer" snapshots courtesy of the new 5-megapixel camera. The biggest downside to the iPhone? It's still "shackled" to AT&T. "Apple needs a second network," Mossberg grouses.

Over at the New York Times, David Pogue notes that the iPhone 4 "won't do anything for people who detest the iPhone," adding that since Apple only puts out one new iPhone a year, it "had better be pretty amazing to compete." So, is it pretty amazing? "It is," Pogue writes, praising the "beefier" battery, the "thinner and narrower" design, and the "solid and Lexus-like" look and feel. According to Pogue, the new iPhone is also "really, really fast," makes "rock solid" video calls via FaceTime, and benefits from the "excellent" new Retina Display. And while the 5-megapixel camera is "no rival to a real camera," 720p video is "great looking," continues Pogue, who even finds time to praise the iPhone 4's improved call quality. Wrapping up, Pogue writes that if "size and shape, beauty and battery life," and "polish and pleasure" are important to you, the new iPhone is "calling your name," even if the latest Android handsets from the likes of HTC have more "droll-worthy features."

The bloggers at Engadget write that the redesigned iPhone "outclasses pretty much every smartphone on the market in terms of industrial design," matching its looks with "snappier" performance thanks to Apple's new A4 processor. Call quality also wins kudos, with "far fewer dropped calls," although reception still isn't "perfect." Engadget calls the vaunted Retina Display "more detailed, clear," and "viewable" than that of any other mobile device they've seen, and praised the camera's "beautiful" stills and "crisp and mostly artifact-free" 720p video capture. That said, the review takes issue with FaceTime video chat, which only works between two iPhone 4 handsets and seems to require a "strong" Wi-Fi connection to work smoothly. Engagdet also bemoans the lack of systemwide notifications (very true) and home-screen widgets. But those are quibbles, with Engadget concluding that the iPhone 4 is "the best smartphone on the market right now."

Then we have Ed Baig of USA Today, who coos that the iPhone 4 "demonstrates once again why Apple's handset is the one to beat." FaceTime video chat is a "killer feature," although like Engadget, Baig complained that a "strong" Wi-Fi connection (not to mention an iPhone 4 on the other end) was necessary for a successful video connection. Baig goes on to praise the "super-crisp" screen, the "handsome" and durable new design, and the improved battery life, but has middling things to say about the new camera, which has "come far" since the original iPhone but still yielded some "so-so" pictures, particularly in low-light conditions. Taking the revamped design and all the new iOS 4 features into account, though, Baig wraps up by saying that with the new iPhone, Apple has given "die-hards" and regular users alike "plenty to cheer about."

So yes — overall, we're talking high praise here. I'll have some thoughts of my own once I procure my iPhone on Thursday, like everyone else."

Thank You - Ben Patterson technology writer for Yahoo! News....good stuff!!!!

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