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Intellicheck Mobilisa Inc. up 80% (AMEX:IDN)

|Includes: Intellicheck Mobilisa, Inc. (IDN)

Today Intellicheck Mobilisa Inc. (AMEX:IDN) is trading up a staggering 80% or $1.00 at $2.16. The company develops and markets wireless technology and identity systems for mobile devices in the government, military and consumer spaces. The company has had Wallstreet abuzz today due to Charles E. Schumer’s speech from the NY office urging the Department of Homeland Security to raise the alert on security throughout New York City area airports. Having a politician on your team can be helpful.

$50 million is said to be available for the implementation of a new ID scanning device security measure which will weed out those attempting to use faulty paper work. A letter has been written to Janet Napolitano in request of the funding. It would appear that investors are confident that the letter will be well received and that at least a portion of the funds could be given as a stimulus to gets the project rolling. Whether it begins or not, it is important to acknowledge the necessity for digital security in the U.S. I have written on this subject before and it is new developments such as this that keep me hopeful for a secure United States. As technology advances, ways to dupe security also increase. It is important for those in the security business to keep up with the new technology curve and remain in competition with those who choose to violate regulations, especially in the densely populated New York Metropolitan area.

Should this system be adopted by New York area airports, you can bet that further contracts will be struck for other large airports.   

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