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Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) New IPO!

|Includes: Tesla, Inc. (TSLA)

Today, Tesla Motors is exciting and disappointing investors everywhere with an IPO at $17 a share. IPO’s are rare these days, and one of this magnitude is receiving a lot of both positive and negative press. To review, Tesla makes electric powered cars, selling just over 1,000 roadsters to date. The company has lost $55.7 million this year and $260 million since it was birthed. Based in Palo Alto California, the company will be trading on the NASDAQ under the symbol TSLA. Investors are buzzing at the new IPO in response to the company’s release of the Model S Sedan in 2010. 

Naysayers note that the company has many competitors with a heavy footprint in the space such as the Nissan leaf and the Chevy Volt which are all backed by thousands of dealerships. Tesla will only be dealt from 12. The company will also continue to burn money until 2010, where many analysts are doubtful that much of the investment will be returned. 
Regardless, there is a certain level of excitement surrounding the electric car manufacturer and it is undeniable that there can and will be demand for fossil fuel independent modes of transportation in the future. Analysts are just not sure that Tesla has the scalability. Recently the company borrowed $465 million from the Department of Energy and Toyota has promised a $50 million investment indicating some sort of future relationship.


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