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China Shuangi Cement Ltd (OTCBB: CSGJ) More On The Completed Facility

China Shuangi Cement Ltd announced today that most of the equipment it had ordered to complete the installation of a new cement production facility in its plant at Zhaoyuan has been delivered and installed successfully.
China Shuangi manufactures high quality Portland cement. Earlier the company had announced that it had received a $3.7M loan to be used to complete its new modern cement facility in Zhaoyuan city, China.
The very upbeat Chairman of China Shuangi, Mr Wenji Song gave a quote. “We are already seeing increased interest from local contractors to buy our cement and have received a 10 year $3.7 million 10% interest loan that will allow us to complete our new modern cement facility in Zhaoyuan City, which is expected to increase our production capacity by 1,000,000 metric tons to an estimated 2,500,000 metric tons per year. This will solidify our position as a major cement player in fast growing Shandong and Hainan Provinces.”
This relatively young company seems to be in the right place in the right time. Recently China’s Economic Information Daily - a part of the Xinhua News Agency - had published a report on the Chinese governments new Cement Industry Development Policy. 
The report indicated that the government was looking to encourage companies which employed newer and modern methods in dry cement production. It also said that it would impose stricter standards with regard to equipment used by cement producers so that they would be able to upgrade and optimize cement production by 2015. 
Reacting to this report, China Shuangi’s Chairman said “We expect the PRC Government’s policy to be a boon to the cement industry in China and to increase demand for our cement as smaller, more inefficient producers continue to shut down and government and local customers require more cement for new infrastructure, housing and other projects. This is being supported by the government’s $586 billion economic stimulus package, which has increased projects involving steel, aluminum, and cement, as well as measures to boost rural consumption by subsidizing procurement of building materials.”
This recent announcement about its new modern facility at Zhaoyan city could not have been timed better, reinforcing the fact that China Shuangi could become a small-cap company definitely worth watching out for as China’s development and urbanization boom continues throughout the country.

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