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This Is The Reality Of CFS And Ampligen.

|Includes: Hemispherx Biopharma, Inc (HEB)

The doctor can not do a test to diagnose the disease, the patient goes to the doctor's office and tells the doctor exactly what it feels like, all the doctor can do is a blood test to check blood chemistry panel as part of the study of patients with CFS and what he find is that the mean values ​​were within normal ranges. It is therefore very difficult to make a trial like FDA traditionally required to be made with other patients, CFS patient should be treated almost as a psychiatric patient, so the patient testimony is what really counts in the trial, how you felt before using Ampligen and how you feel now after you've used. That's why no laboratory is developing a drug for CFS, that's why there is nothing else in pipelines or will be, it is very difficult and is not worth it, we have to recognize Hemispherx for being the only pharmaceutical company that has brought a promising drug for ME/CFS to phase III clinical trials. Despite the 25 years of struggle with the FDA, the Hemispherx board has not abandoned the patients or the drug that definitely improves the quality of life of some of the patients. The FDA knows this and I'm sure the FDA will make every effort to make of Ampligen the treatment for CFS. Remember, In the ADCOM the Panel voted Y-8 N-5 in the Safety Profile Adequate for Approval.

Disclosure: I am long HEB.